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  Kirin Food-Tech Company Limited

Kirin Food-Tech highlights ‘FLAVOR’ and ‘HEALTH’ based on fermentation production technologies accumulated over the years, focusing on development and supply of superbly functional seasonings and food ingredients to meet our costumers’ needs. Consumers are more conscious of food and health these days, and seriously keeping eyes on food safety and reliability as well.
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  Daiso Co. Ltd.

DAISO is a technology-oriented chemical company providing a various range of materials and technical services to a wide range of industries including medicine, agriculture, IT, machinery, textiles, and construction. By providing a high level of technical services and products with advanced functions that contribute to global environmental preservation, DAISO has been contributing to the development of industry and to increased comfort and safety in our everyday lives.
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  Japan EnviroChemicals, Ltd.

Japan EnviroChemicals, Ltd., is one of the leading manufacturers of Activated Carbons, offering a wide range of products. For over 60 years, Japan EnviroChemicals, Ltd., has built its reputation, and gained the trust of its customers, on the reliability and performance of its SHIRASAGI brand, Activated Carbon.
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  Metallics & Chemicals BV

METALLICS & CHEMICALS BV is the link between the Chemical & Mineral Industry and the commercial end-users. M&C specialize in Minerals, Chemicals and Trace Elements for use in Animal Feed, Agricultural Applications and Pharmaceutical Industry.

M&C is a dynamic and professional Marketing, Sales Organization with proven performance. M&C possesses deep knowledge of International business, exposure and capability of developing market for any product required for Animal / Poultry / Aqua Feed Premix, Agrochemicals and Pharmaceutical Industries.
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